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Here are some articles I find useful for my clients

I have curated this list of articles, books and references to help my clients on their journey with me....

The Science Of Breathing: How Slowing It Down Can Make Us Calm And Productive (Forbes, 2016)

This articles explains why and how breathing is an extraordinary tool to control our nervous system. Use breathing methods can help you move away from the "fight or flight" mode.

Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work (HBR, 2018)

 To get ahead in the workplace, you have to be seen. Being visible at work allows employees to demonstrate their skills, land prominent assignments, and build strategic relationships. For women it can be complicated....Find out why.

I’ve Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines. Here’s What I’ve Learned. (NYT, 2018)

Based on interviews with high achievers, the author describes how your morning routine can grant you a day full of productivity and peace of mind,

How to find a person to help you getting ahead at work (TED, 2018)

The speaker shares her point of view on the key to actually getting ahead. Get a sponsor: a person who will speak on your behalf in the top-level, closed-door meetings you're not invited to. Carla Harris is working at Morgan Stanley and is responsible for improving the access to capital for female and multicultural founders, as well as increasing client connectivity to enhance revenue generation.

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